Worst Concept Car Ever… New Citroen Cactus M Picture #5

Worst Concept Car Ever… New Citroen Cactus M

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Idiot Of The Year Picture #1

Idiot Of The Year

When the young owner of this £120,000 Bentley tried to leave Marazion beach, Cornwall, last Sunday after a barbecue with his family, he discovered to his horror that…

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New Seat Ibiza Cupra Picture #3

New Seat Ibiza Cupra

HIGHLIGHTS 1.8-litre TSI engine 189 bhp and 236 lb ft of torque 0-62 mph in 6.7 seconds New premium interior – distinctive, powerful design Adaptive suspension with CUPRA…

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Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo Picture #4

Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo

Now that Bugatti has delivered 450 examples of its Veyron 16.4, what could possibly top it? Well, it’s not this. This is the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo, that…

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Modified Jag From New Avengers For Sale Picture #1

Modified Jag From New Avengers For Sale

Patrick Macnee, Gareth Hunt and Joanna Lumley all featured in The New Avengers from the mid-1970s, but another star of the cult fantasy secret agent series was this…

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Rare As Rocking Horse Poo Picture #2

Rare As Rocking Horse Poo

A Lamborghini Countach Turbo… one of only two cars to come out of the Italian car maker’s factory!

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Picture #1

Says It All Really…

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Wicked Wednesdays: Ken Block Gymkhana 6 of 7 Picture #1

Wicked Wednesdays: Ken Block Gymkhana 6 of 7

Every Wednesday for the next seven weeks we’re going to share with you Ken Block’s Gymkhana series. In the sixth one, Block is behind the wheel of his…

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Blue Thunder Picture #5

Blue Thunder

Words: Paul Cowland Photos: Nick Williams (NWVT.co.uk) When your family business makes some of the finest VAG tuning parts on the face of the planet, and your old…

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Hyundai’s N sub-brand = high performance Picture #5

Hyundai’s N sub-brand = high performance

Hyundai’s sub-brand N will take centre stage at Frankfurt, with the latest motorsport challenger and two dynamic concepts. The result of intensive testing and product development, the sub-brand…

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Jaguar F-PACE Picture #3

Jaguar F-PACE

The new Jaguar F-PACE will be the first ever performance crossover from the famous British car manufacturer, and will feature technology designed to ensure it is the most…

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Supercar Showdown 2015 Picture #7

Supercar Showdown 2015

Despite early rain on the morning of the event, over 5500 visitors arrived at Beaulieu on Sunday, 23rd August, for this year’s Supercar Showdown. It is now in…

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Some things are worth trying Picture #1

Some things are worth trying

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Simple is Best: Mk2 Jetta Picture #1

Simple is Best: Mk2 VW Jetta

Belgian modifier, Romain Kerstges, has endowed VW’s small saloon with some individuality – proving a perfect stance and simply styling car give a car a look and personality…

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Stunning widebody BMW Z4 Picture #4

Stunning widebody BMW Z4


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72 Impressive! Picture #1


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1969 Bad orange AMC AMX Picture #1

1969 AMC AMX – Big Bad Orange

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Best of Both Worlds: Porsche 964 Picture #7

Best of Both Worlds: Porsche 964

The fashion for backdating a 964 has become big business over the years, but very few of them have quite the same insane level of detail as this…

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1100 hp Turbo’d Trans AM Burnout Picture #1

1100 hp Turbo’d Trans Am Burnout

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102 where are the heading Picture #1

Where are they heading?

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Hennessey Venom 1000 Viper Picture #1

Speed King: Hennessey Venom 1000 Viper

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Tanner Foust’s RWB VW Beetle Picture #7

Tanner Foust’s RWB VW Beetle

While the VW Beetle may seem like an unusual choice for RAUH Welt-Begriff, a tuner renowned for working on Porsche 911s, the historic ties between the two cars…

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The Hate Tank Picture #2

The Hate Tank

For a big old lump of metal it sure shifts!

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Bring it on! Picture #1

Our kinda past time…

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2013 Falcon F7 Picture #1

Falcon F7 – A $225,000 Hand Built Supercar

The F7’s exterior design drew its general inspiration from the 1980s-era supercars, while it rides on a unique tig-welded aluminum chassis with an integrated carbon fibre structural tunnel,…

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Good number plate! Picture #1

Good number plate!

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If car commercials were more honest…. Picture #1

If car commercials were more honest….

They might look something like this Cracked parody.

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E Picture #1


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Aston Martin v8 Vantage s Picture #1

Aston Martin V8 Vantage S

Even without the pink paint job, this isn’t a regular Aston Martin V8 Vantage, featuring unique body styling as well as Forgiato wheels. It’s said to be created…

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Ewwww! Picture #1


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#Throwback Thursday – Top Gear Bloopers Picture #1

#ThrowbackThursday – Top Gear Bloopers

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Smiles Picture #1

Do car designers intentionally give cars faces?

It seems so!

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