Porsche will like the current gossip that`s been banded about but we want to know whether their 918 Spyder really did finish the lap of the ring in the 7m 20s as this would be a record for the soft top
Its the kind of PR that if validated will give Porsche quite a crack at their critics who are always complaining about Porsche`s poor environmental vision. The Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid which hasn`t been released yet, has an emissions figure of 70g of C02 per km. It is powered by a 493hp V8 engine as well as three 40-KW electric motors that combine to produce 708hp. As well as being more fuel efficient and kinder to the planet it has an impressive acceleration of 3.2 seconds. It also has a staggering estimated price of around half a million euros.

Given its performance credentials it does seem plausible that this soft top could have acheived the lap time that it did but there is also documentation to support this. Whether it is a legitamate document and whether the source is reliable we don`t know but it was supposed to be obtained from Ferdinand Piech who used it during a presentation. Piech is the grandson of the Porsche founder, Ferdinand Porsche and he personally owns 13% of the brand as well as being the chairman of the Supervisory Board at VW. The rumours haven`t been dismissed yet but it has to be said they have been confirmed by Porsche either.