Volvo 3CC Concept 2005

You’ve got to love the vast idiosyncrasies of Europe. Beyond the North Sea the Netherlands lures us in with wild desires and ‘anything goes,’ whereas the Swedes safe, social conscience brought us the Volvo.

3CC Concept


Though, wait a minute, recently it seems that the Swedish manufacturer has gone all Charlotte Church on us; the concept 3CC’s stripped down, figure-hugging dimensions are sure to convert more than a few petrol loving youths.

Coupled with its green, electric powered image is a futuristic image statement. It may have a restricted top speed of only 85mph and a 0-62mph time of 10 seconds but its zero emissions have got to be the way forward. Despite a lack of power it does have a similar torque to weight ratio as Volvo’s most formidable T5, yet this force is available right from nought through to 3500rpm.
The electric power is housed in the thin sandwich floor and its source of energy is lithium-ion cells which are also used in modern laptop computers. The 3CC has a potential range of 180 miles before it needs charging and it is estimated that around 20 per cent of its energy can be salvaged through regenerative braking.

The core of this concept is a rather rigid steel space frame, this is fused to sandwich floor panels and a light weight carbon fibre shell, making it both tough and agile. Remarkably, wind tunnel tests have proved that this electric variant is 30% more aerodynamically capable than the new S40 sedan which is yet another feather in the cap of these downright brilliant minds.

At just 3899 mm long, 1624 mm wide and 1321 mm high this eco-friendly motor has dimensions more familiarly seen on a classic 2-seater sports car. Yet the space has been used rather more efficiently. A unique two-plus-one seating configuration, allows for two adults to sit in the front and in the back there’s room for one more adult or a couple of kids. Good communication and all-round visibility is provided by the innovative seating pattern and safety is as always a key feature for Volvo.
It is perhaps no co-incidence that the Volvo badge was born out of a country that led the way in setting a target of zero road fatalities. Needless to say that underneath its sexy new skin, Volvo’s intentions are still wholesome through and through. Though the chances of the 3CC hitting the production lines look as likely as the cows of Amsterdam being the sole purpose for the Netherlands to harvest grass.


ENGINE: Eletric powered
TORQUE (lb/ft): to weight ratio similar to Volvo`s T5. But availab
0-62mph (sec): 10
TOP SPEED: 85mph restricted spee
SUSPENSION: The front suspension includes horizontally mounted adjustable coil over shocks, the rear suspension includes vertically mounted adjustable coil over shocks
BRAKES: Due to the vehicle`s light weight and the power of the regenerative electric braking, Volvo has opted for unassisted brakes
TYRES: Michelin Pilot Sport 215/45 ZR18 tyres