Autodelta has taken the Alfa Romeo 159 2.2 JTS and applied their craft. Under the exclusive bespoke J-Series designation the 159 also gets the “C” added to the name denoting “Compressore”. As a result the 159 J4 2.2 C joins the Autodelta Brera J5 3.2 C and Spider J6 3.2 C with a supercharged version of the four cylinder 2.2 JTS direct injection petrol engine.

With increasing fuel prices and taxation rising on larger capacity engines, Autodelta focuses their Compressore package on the 2.2 JTS engine as a result of almost 150kg saved weight compared to the 3.2 V6. Adding a Rotrex C30-74 supercharger increases output by 60hp, from the standard 185bhp up to 245 bhp. Meanwhile torque also increases 60Nm from 230Nm to 290Nm.

However, making this supercharger package work for the 2.2 JTS direct injection engine wasn`t so simple. Not until after 18 months of development, which included half a dozen test cars running in three countries and testing on the demanding Nürburgring, was the package ready. Also, Autodelta engineers designed the package in such a way that Autodelta’s fully trained agents around the world could install the supercharger package and properly test the cars in a thorough manner. As a result, the 2.2 JTS Supercharger package installs in only six to seven hours, and then all cars are driven between sixty and eighty miles to complete the installation process.

As the first company to successfully supercharge and commercialize Alfa Romeo’s direct-injection JTS engines, the all-new supercharger kit has been specifically designed and manufactured for the 2.2 JTS engine. According to Autodelta’s head of Research & Development, Sergio Truzzi, “The 159 J4 2.2 C features a completely new aluminium inlet manifold as the factory plastic unit was not able to withstand the 0.65 bar boost which the Rotrex C30-74 unit is producing. The new inlet manifold design, now with a reduced volume was also a critical part of the development as we managed to increase the speed of response. Changes to the inlet and exhaust camshaft variator control strategy had to be initiated to generate more continuous torque and improve driveability.”

With the official unveiling of the 159 J4 2.2 C at an exclusive event at the Yacht Harbour of Driessen, Amsterdam, on June 20 and 21, Autodelta still has more planned for the 159 J4 2.2 C in the way of a special ‘Corsa’ tuning kit. Available as a reversible retro fit, the Corsa package will produce more power than the 260hp currently available in the Alfa 159 3.2 V6. Stay tuned.