It’s easy to be swayed by commercialism but sometimes you miss out on some awesome products just because their not mainstream. Well unless you know an insider that is…

If we are to believe clichés, then the British aren’t usually that forthcoming about getting what they want. Blame it on that stiff upper lip and being too proud to ask. There are those that challenge this assumption though and Jerrick Lo is one of them. Having a weakness for fast Japanese machines and Skyline’s in particular, he knew he had a real task on his hands if he was to create anything that hadn’t already done before. Even the figures 650 don’t seem that shocking anymore when it comes to the gods of the dragstrip. But for Jerrick it was as much about the unique combination of modifications as it was about outright grunt.

So he bought himself an R-32 GT-R and all his friends were suitably jealous, especially as the previous owner had already taken a lot of care to radicalize its engine and gearbox. Now it was time to put its own mark on it and this task was much more elaborate than he initially apprehended. Given that the suspension was full of rust, the brakes were left standard (and seemed puny compared to the power gains it had), the interior was a mess, a wheel was buckled and the paintjob made Tracy Emin look like she has talent, it was time to strip it down and start from a blank canvas.

Having heard rave reviews about Impulse Performance who specialize in customizing Jap Cars, Jerrick went along to their workshop and requested somewhat of a consultation. Jerrick was after some rare parts and knew the Impulse guys, Kenny Lam and Danny Lui had some inside information. Sure enough, they managed to source a TBO front bumper and side skirts (both one offs it seems, as the company no longer exists). The GT body kit is not one you’ll see everyday either.

The wide body kit was carefully cut and fitted by K.Hammonds at Auto repair who had quite a mission bridging those flared arches, although you wouldn’t know it, it looks seamless. The mammoth D-Speed rear wing is also to be marveled, with its dual levels, aluminium blade shape and six different adjustments. There’s no doubt a Skyline with 650bhp to boot needs a little help with the downforce, so this has a practical purpose as well. The front grille is also a D-Speed item and the rear bumper a more familiar DO-Luck brand. Touches like the Mine’s dry carbon aero mirrors and the Tomei tail light end caps over the LED rear lenses show that he hasn’t missed a trick. The colour scheme works well with the mean wide body image; only when lit up by direct light do you truly see the effects of the Girgio Avalon. Being a Lamborghini Murcielago shade, it is used to outlining stealth masterpieces and it certainly has the class to leave a lasting impression.

Ok, quiz time – where have you seen those wheels before? Yep, it was on the R33 GT-R and so share and share alike, we say. The 9.5×18” Asso Interspeed rims originally had a five stud hub but have been converted to reveal a racy single centre-lock. There are only 100 of these modified rims around and they don’t come cheap. The suspension is serious stuff too, none less than D2 Racing Sport’s TopOne coilover suspension with separate bump and rebound adjustment. This kit comes with a gas reservoir so you can alter the valve depending on how much gas you intend on using. This is all very professional but it also means it can be adjusted for road use and make the right more comfortable. D2 were responsible for the brakes too and with 356mm discs all round, Jerrick has plenty of confidence when thrashing it around the circuit.

Now to the bit that Skyline’s are renowned for; the engine. HKS has seen to it that the RB26DETT unit is keeping up its reputation, not only in terms of horsepower but also with bar, 1.6 to be precise. The central attraction is clearly the T45S turbocharger but you’ve got to admire the ARC titanium radiator panel which has been scorched by Jerrick to give it that metallic look. The Nismo strut brace won’t escape your attention either and all those braided hoses and blue leads are all neatly displayed due to the amount of time it spends on display.

See it in action and it may look quite tame at low speeds but when the turbo kicks in around 4,500rpm it’s a whole different story. The screamer pipe is about as subtle as a jet plane and all the switches and controls give you the impression you’re in a cockpit too. From the Pivot 60mm pressure and temperature gauges to the centralized peak hold button and 80mm F1 tachometer with its sequential shift light which are also designed by Pivot, the cabin is an Aladin’s cave for modders. The Nismo bucket seats, door cards and various other fixtures are coated in Ecsaine material which is very similar to suede except for the fact that it doesn’t stain as easily (but that still doesn’t mean he’d allow a bunch of drunken mates to eat kebabs in the back on a Saturday night. Nope, Jerrick’s R32 is far too sacred for that. Besides the Skyline is a much better racer than it is a taxi; there’s no lights or speed cameras on the track and you don’t have to hang around in traffic.

Off the circuit though, Jerrick is much more patient, you’d have to be to own a car that looks this good. It seems it’s worth waiting it out for the best parts and given a good tip off about a company, it’s certainly worth trusting an insider’s advice.

Performance: 650bhp @ 7500rpm, 430lbs/ft @ 6800rpm running 1.6bar 1/4-mile: 11.61 @ 123mph (1.89 60ft time)

Widebodied Skyline R32 GTR



RB26DETT with HKS 88mm forged pistons, HKS H-Section con rods, HKS 1.2mm metal head gasket, HKS T04R stainless steel manifold, HKS T45S turbocharger, HKS 200mm air filter with red element, Billion Heat reflective wrap, HKS polished hard pipe kit, HKS Type-R front mount intercooler, HKS 272° Step1 camshaft, HRD cold forge adjustable cam pulleys, HKS external wastegate with screamer pipe, GReddy Type R blow off valve, HKS 75mm downpipe, custom 75mm-90mm de-cat pipe, custom 90mm straight-through exhaust, A’PEXi titanium slide finisher, KYB dual entry fuel rail with Earl braided steel line, HKS 6x 680cc injectors, HKS 280lph fuel pump, HKS F-Con V-Pro, Blitz SBC-ID III controller, Blitz R-Vit monitor, A’PEXi RSM, GReddy oil pump, Trust sump extension, Grex oil cooler with remote oil filter relocation, Splitfire direct ignition coil pack, Splitfire direct ignition bridge, Impulse Performance uprated aluminium radiator, ARC titanium radiator panel, Tomei engine oil cap, Nismo high pressure radiator cap, stainless steel oil breather tank with braided line, Pivot Blue Raizin grounding kit with voltage stabilizer, OS Giken uprated 1, 2, 3 gear set, HKS twin plate clutch, C’s short shifter, uprated LSD

D2 Racing TopOne coilover suspension with remote gas reservoir (separated compression and rebound adjustment), D2 Racing rear camber arm, Tein front traction rod, Nismo front strut brace, Cusco rear strut brace, Do-Luck rear cross bar, HRD HICAS cancel bar

9.5×18” Asso Interspeed centre-lock wheels (limited production of 100 sets)

265/35/18 Bridgestone Potenza RE050A

D2 Racing 8-piston front caliper with 356mm two-piece brake disc, D2 Racing 6-piston rear caliper with 356mm two-piece brake disc, D2 Racing stainless steel braided brake line, Nismo master cylinder stopper,

TBO front bumper, TBO side skirts, Do-Luck rear bumper, D-Speed front grille, D-Speed rear wing, Yanack GT wide body kit, Mine’s dry carbon door mirrors, R32 N1 headlights, Econ H4 Hi/Lo HID kit, D-Speed smoked corner lenses, Speed-R carbon fibre bonnet, ARC titanium cooling panel, Top Secret AeroCatch bonnet pins, R32 LED rear lights, Tomei rear light covers, Lamborghini Grigio Avalon respray

NISMO Sport bucket seats, MOMO Trek R steering wheel, D2 Racing ball bearing steering wheel quick release, Razo Drift 150 brushed aluminium shift knob, Razo GT brushed aluminium pedal set, Pivot 80mm F1 tacho with sequential shift light, Pivot 60mm gauge for Boost, Oil Pressure, Oil Temp, and Exhaust Gas Temp, Pivot centralized peak hold button, Re-Wing centre dash pod, Trust A-pillar gauge pod, Dugan Racing dash clock, stainless steel dash clock surround, Skylab traction controller, Pioneer Stereo with Sony speakers