McLaren MP4-27 F1 Car 2012

Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button have revealed their new chassis at the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking this week. The lower nose cone and re-shaped sidepods are immediately obvious although more subtle changes to the aerodynamics can be seen at the rear. Essentially the new chassis is neater, the wing is more efficient and the rear floor is also improved.

MP4-27 F1 Car


With the absence of blown diffusers which the FIA have banned for 2012, the British pair are a bit concerned about downforce however there is still a good six weeks before the racing commences in Australia so they should know the car a little better by then. The wing mirrors have also been updated for better visibility so we should also see less crashes with Ferrari`s Felipe Massa than we did last season. Will the new McLaren MP4-27 be strong enough to see off the Red Bull team though? We will bring you an opening post race report after the Australian GP on Sunday 18th March.