One car building tool kit fits all: Subaru are working on a global platform for all models built after 2016

Thrifty car makers are cleverly cost saving by producing just one or two platforms that can underpin their whole line-up of models. The Volkswagen Group do it with their MQB and MLB platforms while the Nissan-Renault Alliance has a new ‘Common Module Family’ which at least eleven of their models will be based around. Now Subaru is in on the act with a ‘Global Platform’ which will be used from Spring 2016 and will underpin everything from the Impreza Compact model to the Outback.

Subaru will also make the switch from indirect to direct injection engines in order to comply with new emission standards. In addition Subaru are also phasing in economical combustion cycles and cylinder deactivation by 2020. There is even talk of a collaboration with Toyota in order to offer a plug-in hybrid Subaru. The Legacy model is likely to be the first Subaru to get the ‘green’ treatment, apparently.