Jaguar F-Type 2013

Jaguar has created a Cinderella moment with their new F-Type sports car – you will believe that it’s been custom made for you! The reality of course is that it contains all the ingredients you have been craving and each is delicately balanced to perfection; the low-slung driving position and the exceptional quality and comfort of the cabin, the feasibility of any task and the effortless way it handles, the smooth ride, the energy it exudes and of course its elegant beauty. Jaguar has always had a deep-rooted belief in the F-Type and this is why the F-Type feels so soulful. It is also a car that embraces the future with its computerised and yet spine tingling exhaust note which alone took three years to develop! The British manufacturer has done well to create their very own blend of sports car which completely breaks the mould compared to anything else on the market.



Which F-Type do you choose?

Having recently driven the entry-level F-Type and feeling the wrath of its 340bhp 3.0-litre supercharged V6, we can assure you that this feels in no way under-powered. It may be 1,570kgs heavier than a Porsche 911 but it does have 50:50 weight distribution and provides crisp turn-ins as well as hammering down straights with strict composure.

The F-Type S adds a mechanical limited-slip differential and realises 380bhp from the same V6 engine which although meatier, seems still child`s play compared to the supercharged 5.0-litre V8 which is borrowed from the XKR and raises the game to 495bhp. The 0-60mph sprint happens in just 4.0sec and if you keep your right foot flat to the floor, it rewards you with a pulse-racing 186mph.

Embracing modern times:

The option to play around with the exhaust note via a new Dynamic Drive system may divide opinion but it is a feature which brings Jaguar into the realm of a computer-mastered age. In this way drivers can toy with the steering feel, throttle response, gear change speeds and exhaust noise by pressing a touchscreen button.

What about Porsche`s much cheaper Boxster?

It is really difficult to make a comparison between these two as they are such different cars. The Boxster is more focused, super agile and geared towards the driver`s skill and involvement whereas the Jaguar F-Type is less intense, more sophisticated, flexible to a range of driving conditions and can be enjoyed regardless of whether your racing skills could put the Stig out of business!


The F-Type is a real statement car; it resurrects the heritage and the passion of the classic, sporting Jaguar we know and love but in a very modern sense. The E-Type is essentially its own character and could never and should never be replicated but what it stands for can and has. The fresh blood that the F-Type exudes is slick, captivating and addictive. This sports car breaks free from the chain of motors that will only ever be cold, hard, metal and therefore will easily be forgotten. It is the F-Type`s fiery sense of freedom and unstoppable joyousness that will make you feel you have to come back for more.

The F-Type is a car that a flood of new customers will want to assimilate themselves with, it is a lifestyle fantasy and a milestone icon that people can feel good about buying in to. Its pride and sophistication speaks volumes but it is the F-Type`s sense of passion that will happily close the sales deal.