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Indian Jaguar owner says donkeys are better than his car

It was reported some months back that an Italian BMW owner had covered his M6 with posters and then took a sledge hammer to it to protest about several mechanical problems with his car.

The trend is certainly catching on, as now an Indian owner of a Jaguar has done something similar.

The Indian took his XF to his local Jaguar service centre with posters saying “bogus car,” “bogus service” and “bogus company” pasted on it. That was not all: He then tangled the car with hay, brought many donkeys and had them pull it, with the message being: “It’s better to have a donkey than a Jaguar.”

Here are some photos of the humorous incident:

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  1. fifacoinsut

    well, so maybe they should just use their donkeys instead of cars.

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