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Ignition Festival of Motoring Picture #1

Ignition Festival of Motoring

Shane Lynch, a top competitor for Team Japspeed, is the latest star joining the high profile performers burning rubber at this summer’s inaugural Ignition festival of motoring, advance…

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The Meaning Of Emoticons Picture #1

The Meaning Of Emoticons

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Tourin De Force Picture #1

Touring De Force

Tuningsuche have unveiled its latest project to represent them at car shows… a BMW 3 Series Touring. The 328i engine now boasts 316hp and 440lb ft of torque…

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600HP Ford Focus RS RX Picture #1

600HP Ford Focus RS RX

The new 600 horsepower Ford Focus RS RX made its competitive debut in the FIA World Rallycross Championship in Portugal last weekend. Factory-backed team Hoonigan Racing Division cars…

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Best Vantage Yet? Picture #6

Best Vantage Yet?

NEED TO KNOW: Race-bred Vantage GT8 is the most extreme V8 Vantage Weight savings of up to 100kg make it the lightest Vantage ever Powered by 440HP version…

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420HP VW Polo R WRC Picture #3

420HP VW Polo R WRC

Size doesn’t always matter, as Wimmer Rennsporttechnik can prove it with their VW Polo. Although the original Polo R WRC is impressive straight out of the box, the…

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Mmm, We Wonder… Picture #1

Mmm, We Wonder…

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We’ve All Been There Picture #1

We’ve All Been There

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Fatherly Love Picture #1

Fatherly Love

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What’s Your Biggest driving fear? Picture #1

What’s Your Biggest Driving Fear?

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Looking Ain’t gonna Solve Picture #1

Looking Ain’t Gonna Solve Shit

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100% Koil Picture #1

100% Koalafied

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Sound Advice Picture #1

Sound Advice

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Good Advice Kids… Picture #1

Good Advice Kids…

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“I survived the day. Just.” Picture #1

“I survived the day. Just.”

Jeremy Clarkson’s face bloodied and blackened, just a day after saying he was about to attempt his “most dangerous stunt” while filming his new motor show for Amazon…

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Nissan GT-R breaks Guinness World Records Picture #1

Nissan GT-R breaks Guinness World Records

Nissan has set the Guinness World Records title for the fastest drift using the specially tuned MY16 Nissan GT-R Nismo by entering a drift at a speed of…

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Speeding Rules Picture #1

Speeding Rules

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Tuning World Bodensee 2016 Picture #1

Tuning World Bodensee 2016

The international trade show event for car tuning, lifestyle, the club scene and, erm, hot girls… Taking place between the 05 and 08 May in Germany, get your…

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Porsche Speedster-inspired VW Beetle Picture #2

Porsche Speedster-inspired VW Beetle

This Porsche Speedster-inspired example was created by Oxford Edition, as well as receiving extensive mechanical modifications by VAG tuners, APS of Brackley. To which end the engine was…

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All New FS Series Picture #3

All New FS Series

For a year now Strasse Wheels have been working on their latest series of rim – FS stands for Floating Spokes, and it features a new deeper concave…

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The Mint 400 Picture #1

The Mint 400

One of the most infamously brutal off-road races, The Mint 400, sees trophy trucks traverse across the Nevada desert at speeds of over 150mph! This year, Justin Lofton…

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BBM Motorsport Corvette Z06 Picture #2

BBM Motorsport Corvette Z06

Thanks to a few choice mods from BBM Motorsport, this Corvette Z06 looks stunning. A set of 20″ Ultraleggera rims, a specially designed carbon front spoiler and one-off…

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Good Point…. Picture #1

Good Point….

… if it wasn’t for the fact BMW call it an X5 M.

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Dubshed 2016 Picture #1

Dubshed 2016

Ireland’s biggest car show of the year was at a new location for 2016, the Eikon Complex in Lisburn, and once again the GTINI team who put the…

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Waldow Performance Renault Clio Picture #1

Waldow Performance Renault Clio

Taking the special edition RS EDC Trophy Clio as a base car, which comes with 220hp and 280lb ft of torque as standard, the Waldow Performance team have…

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Ode to Top Gear Picture #1

Ode to Top Gear

Anyone else miss it?

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JDM Overtake Tyrant Picture #4

JDM Overtake Tyrant

The Nissan GT-R Black Edition is the king of all Japanese performance cars currently available. Grab a GT-R and tune it with all of the upgrades that Overtake…

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Vaughn Gittin Jr Tests 900hp Ford Mustang Picture #1

Vaughn Gittin Jr Tests 900hp Ford Mustang

Weighing just 1270kg and armed with a 900hp 436ci Ford Performance/Roush Yates Racing V8 engine this Ford Mustang RTR pulls off an impressive nine second standing quarter mile….

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Stance vs Rice Picture #1

Stanced vs Riced Cars


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Nissan NV Cargo Van… Sideways! Picture #1

Nissan NV Cargo van… Sideways!

When Formula D driver Chris Forsberg thinks he’s about to get sideways in a Nissan 370Z, imagine his surprise when he is then given the keys a Nissan…

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Sunny Side Up Picture #1

Sunny Side Up

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876HP Mitsubishi Mirage Picture #6

876HP Mitsubishi Mirage

NEED TO KNOW ENGINE: TrevTec Motorsport 2.1 EVO VIII 4G63 race motor, Manley Performance billet 94mm crankshaft, turbo fuff long Rods and 10.5:1 pistons, ACL race bearings, ARP…

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