Modified Toyota Kijang 1999 Picture 1

Modified Toyota Kijang 1999

Car Pictures & Wallpapers:

Car Spec & Details:

  • Model: Kijang
  • Year: 1999
  • Acceleration: n/a
  • BHP: n/a
  • Time for quarter mile: 17.8
  • Max speed: n/a
  • Engine: 7k engine with weber 45DCOE 4 barrel, Camtech 320, TRD intake, porting and polishing, custom 4-1 headers, mithsubishi automatic van, rotak fuel pressure, NGK irridium spark plugs
  • Transmission: 5-speed manual
  • Suspension: lowered , tokico shock abrsorber
  • Brakes: disc in front,and drum at back
  • Wheels: 18 inch carlsson 1/6 evo brilliant edition
  • Tyres: falken ziex 225/35/15
  • Interior: DLO leather, custom bmw520 head rest @ back seat, custom bmw power window, Nardi steering, momo shift knob, and custom paint interior, dashboard, panel etc
  • Exterior: custom bumpers, custom grill, custom light sign mercedes benz c180 mirror, custom simple widebody, 2 LASER tail pipe
  • ICE (audio) & Security: Pioneer kehp8 with 12disc changer, MIK audio subwoofers(2), performa powers(2), 1000000farad criticallmass capasitor bank from mass enginering, helix speakers, macrom speakers and M-guard alarm security

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