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Modified Toyota AE86 Trueno 1985 Picture 1

Modified Toyota AE86 Trueno 1985

Car Pictures & Wallpapers:

Car Spec & Details:

  • Model: AE86 Trueno
  • Year: 1985
  • Acceleration: 6.5
  • BHP: 203
  • Time for quarter mile: 14-
  • Max speed: 150ish
  • Engine:

    16v 4age 7-rib race block with full trd gasket kit trd high compression head gasket, 20v4age high pressure oil pump, s/p sir civc simi forged pistons with trd s/p rods 3 way vavle cut to sit in massive port polished and flowed head with trd vavle

  • Transmission:

    1984 w55 celica rear wheel drive box . toyota hi-lux 4.3 lsd with machined down drive shafts installed in a toyota town ace houseing

  • Suspension:

    Front/ trd shocks in adjstble kyb coil over with dobi springs.. Rear/dobi coil springs with custom shortend HQ holden kyb shocks

  • Brakes:

    r32 skyline front rotors and calipers .. rear just changed to a vented brembo rotor stock cailper

  • Wheels:

    race 14/8 deep dish super lights and 14/7 rays enginering for street

  • Tyres:

    front 205/60/14 rear 195/60/14

  • Interior:

    cusco strut brace

  • Exterior:

    stock looing just removed doors strips. fiber glass bonnet , gards and sun roof painted to look stelth. naked police women sticker on rear window......

  • ICE (audio) & Security:

    valentine 1 raydar. highly recomended to every 1

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