Modified VW New Beetle 1.8T 2000 Picture 1

Modified VW New Beetle 1.8T 2000

Car Pictures & Wallpapers:

Car Spec & Details:

  • Model: New Beetle 1.8T
  • Year: 2000
  • Acceleration: NA
  • BHP: NA
  • Time for quarter mile: NA
  • Max speed: 120
  • Engine: Chip Tuning: ABT Sportline,
    4 Bar Fuel Pressure Regulator: Autobahn Designs Racing,
    Lower Intercooler Tube: Autobahn Designs Racing,
    Turbo XS By Pass Valve: Autobahn Designs Racing,
    Thermostat “76”: Autobahn Designs Racing,
    Carbon Fiber Oil Cap: Autobahn Designs Racing,
    N-75 Valve: Auto House Graf,
    Engine Hinges Polished: Felgenclinik,
    Engine Screws Polished: Felgenclinik,
    Engine Hood Image: Folientechnik,
    Engine Cover (Airbrushed) Designed: X-Actdesign,
    Front Engine Strut (Chrome): Heritage VW,
    Rear Trunk Strut (Chrome): Heritage VW,
    VW Dipstick Cap (Polished): NeuSpeed,
    VW Water Reservoir Cap (Polished): NeuSpeed,
    VW Windshield Washer Cap (Polished): NeuSpeed,
    VW Power Steering Cap (Polished): NeuSpeed
  • Transmission: Stock
  • Suspension: Lowering Kit : BeetleChoose
  • Brakes: Cross Drilled Rotors Front & Rear: Autobahn Designs Racing
  • Wheels: ART Turbo P Type 18"
  • Tyres: Dunlap SP9000: Tires 225-40-18
  • Interior: Head Rest Front Covers: Headrest Covers,
    Doors Designed Black/Gray Leather: ProMusic,
    Shift Boot Black Leather: ProMusic,
    Center Console Yellow Leather: ProMusic,
    Center Console Airbrushed Designed: X-Actdesign,
    Seats (Black/Yellow) Leather Designed: Sattlerei Polsterei,
    Arm Rest Cover (Yellow) Leather: Sattlerei Polsterei,
    Dark Window Tented: F2 Folientechnik,
    Steering Wheel Black/Yellow: Raid,
    Leather: Car Line Tuning,
    Steering Wheel Adapter: Car Line Tuning,
    Diamond Plates Floor Mats: Perfect Image Creations,
    Telephone Hand Free System Designed: ProMusic,
    Inside LED’s (Blue Lights): F2 Folientechnik
  • Exterior:

    Dark Window Tented: F2 Folientechnik,
    Euro Headlights W/Stroll lights: 4 CAROPTING,
    Lighted License Plate: Blue Neon License Plate,
    Bra Front (3) Piece: Car Protection Systems/ Sattlerei Polsterei,

    Calibers (4) Painted (Red): Auto-Teile-Unger,
    Rear Spoiler: ProjektZwo,
    Front Spoiler: Vinzage,
    Exhaust System: Hand Designed Porsche System,
    Under Car Kit Neon Lights (Blue): Street Glow,
    Right/Left Windows Engraved: Audio Tyme,
    Rear Window Decal Sand Blasted: Audio Tyme,
    Turn Signal Covers (Smoke): Chrome Design,
    Window Hood Cowling: The Real Source,
    Door Handles Carbon Fiber Covered: ProMusic,
    Polished windshield wiper parts: Felgenclinik,
    New Spoiler System: Vizage,
    Air Brushed Designed: X-Actdesign,
    Body chrome items Rear Trunk,
    Head light lamp trim/cover,
    Fuel tank, tail lamp, and brake light trim: Autotecnica Styling Products

  • ICE (audio) & Security: Three special alarm systems not noted. Clarion VRX Moniceiver 7”-TFT-Touch Screen, Front Load CD,
    Navigation System: Clarion NAX9500,
    Clarion DVD/Dolby-Digital-Decoder: DV970 Surround Sound System 5.1,
    Head Rest Monitors Rear (2): Clarion VMA 5092,
    Front Speakers: JL XR 650-CX,
    Rear Speakers: JL XR 650 CS,
    Console Center Speaker: JL XR 400 CX,
    Center Speaker Console Designed: ProMusic,
    Front Tweeters: JL,
    Front Tweeters Column Designed: ProMusic,
    Speaker Rings Chrome: ProMusic,
    Subwoofer (1): JL 10W6V2,
    Subwoofer Case Designed: ProMusic,
    Amplifiers (3): JL Mono 300/4 and 250/1,
    4 channels,
    Play Station 2: Sony,
    Play Station Console Design: ProMusic,
    3 X ProCap Chrome: ProMusic

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