Modified KIA Turbo 2004 Picture 1

Modified KIA Turbo 2004

Car Pictures & Wallpapers:

Car Spec & Details:

  • Model: Turbo
  • Year: 2004
  • Engine: Turbo and NOS to increase performance.
  • Transmission: Electronic pulse type R
  • Suspension: Standard
  • Brakes: standard
  • Wheels: 17 inch alloy wheels with ultra slip tyres
  • Tyres: GT
  • Interior: Interior is fully loaded too with blue neons, RPM
  • Exterior: I love cars and bikes. I have my own fully modified car ie, silver colour with 17inch Alloy Wheels with ultra slim tyres, Full body kit, Custom exhaust with all the cuts, spoilers, hoods and other cool stuff.
  • ICE (audio) & Security: The best part is my music system. I got 21 inches wide Clarion 480 Watts sub woofer,1,000 Watts JBL Bazooka,450 Watts Kenwood speakers,500 watts and 250 Watts Sony Amplifiers,450 Watts Clarion Amplfier, Sony Mp3 player with 7 built in Equilizers and 7 rainbow colour display screen with 450 Watts of pure sound output through each channel, JBL and Sony 250 Watts tweeters. I Got total of 6 tweeters fixed in doors and on top of the dash board.
  • Other info: King Of Hearts:
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