Modified VW Rotary Beetle 1972 Picture 1

Modified VW Rotary Beetle 1972

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Car Spec & Details:

  • Model: Rotary Beetle
  • Color: Red
  • Year: 1972
  • Acceleration: 5
  • BHP: 380
  • Time for quarter mile: 11.7
  • Max speed: 220km/hour
  • Engine: 13B turbo mazda rotary,
    single turbo,
    800cc/min injectors,
    microtech ECU
  • Transmission: heavy duty type1 vw beetle
  • Suspension: koni adjustable (front)bugpack adjustable (rear)custom strut barsway a way stabilizeretc.
  • Brakes: neal disc n willwood caliper (front n rear)
  • Wheels: axis 20", weld racing 15"
  • Tyres: toyo (street) n MH slick (drag)
  • Interior: custom seat,
    sparco steering wheels,
    sparco safety belt,
    sparco pedals,
    6points rollcage
  • Exterior: gullwing doors,
    chop top,
    custom bumper ,side skirt, GT wing,over fenders,

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