Modified VW Golf VR6 EXEC LTD 1999 Picture 1

Modified VW Golf VR6 EXEC LTD 1999

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Car Spec & Details:

  • Model: Golf VR6 EXEC LTD
  • Color: Purple Violet Blue, LTD
  • Year: 1999
  • Acceleration: n/a
  • BHP: 182
  • Time for quarter mile: n/a
  • Max speed: 255km/h
  • Engine: LTD VR6 AAA Engine, FSH,
    K&N Panel Filter,
    Powerflow Exhaust and Downpipe.
  • Transmission: LTD VR6,Traction Control,
    Stiffy engine torque damper.
  • Suspension: LTD VR6 with Shorten Gas Ryders.
    Custom Stabiliser Bar.
  • Brakes: LTD VR6 Ventilated and Grooved
  • Wheels: LTD Golf VR6 Antracite
  • Tyres: Continental Contact 205/50/15
  • Interior: Factory fitted Sunroof,
    LTD VR6 Leather Interior,
    Custom Steering wheel,
    LTD VR6 Gearknob,
    LTD VR6 Glare Rooflining.
  • Exterior: LTD VR6 Bonrath Front Spoiler
  • ICE (audio) & Security: Level 4 Factory fitted with Tracker,
    JVC Chameleon 3.5inch In-dash DVD , Bluetooth, Satellite Radio,Micro SD Slot.
    Front Door: Pioneer Splits,
    Rear door: Pioneer Splits,
    Pioneer "6X9" 600W 5Way IMPP Cone
    Starsound Digital Wiring Kit,
    Starsound Digital Capacitor,
    Starsound Digital 2000w Mosfet Amplifier,
    Starsound Digital 15" DVC Subwoofer,
    Sabat 652 Battery
    Installer: A Bass Audio

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