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Modified Toyota Corona 2.0 EX Saloon A T 1993 Picture 1

Modified Toyota Corona 2.0 EX Saloon A T 1993

Car Pictures & Wallpapers:

Car Spec & Details:

  • Model: Corona 2.0 EX Saloon A T
  • Color: Black
  • Year: 1993
  • Engine:

    OEM Toyota grille top cover, Tanabe Strut bar, S-Tube w/ Stainless SARD air filter.

  • Suspension:

    Tanabe Sustec, Wagon lowering springs, Kayaba Excel G gas shocks.

  • Wheels:

    18" Zinik bling rims, 17" Milano Touring rims, 17" Technocast rims, 17" Zauber rims, 17" Gmach rims, 17" J-wing Work rims, 17" Budnik U.S. rims, 17" Rota Formel BBS rims.

  • Tyres:

    215x40x18 Gemstone, 215x45x17 Dunlop Lemans, 215x45x17, Federal 205x45x17, Federal 215x45x17, Yokohama Advan.

  • Interior:

    TRD WayDo gauge, TRD Nardi steering wheel, TRD steering adaptor, Leather automatic shift knob w/ red stiches, Pioneer LCD/DVD/CD 2 DIN head unit.

  • Exterior:

    Angel eyes headlights, Clear bumper lights, M3 power side mirrors with LED signal lights, OEM Toyota Caldina gen1 grille, OEM Toyota trunkliner carpet, OEM Toyota door visor, Bosch antenna, Slim ducktail.

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