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Modified Toyota Corolla TRD 2002 Picture 1

Modified Toyota Corolla TRD 2002

Car Pictures & Wallpapers:

Car Spec & Details:

  • Model: Corolla TRD
  • Color: Black
  • Year: 2002
  • Engine:

    -Magnaflow 14829 exhaust with 2-1/4" piping
    -Injen SRI
    -Ram air intake

  • Suspension:

    -Tein S-Tech on KYB-GR2 struts (1.9"f/1.4"r) -Generic front strut bar

  • Wheels:

    SET 1: MSW Type 11 (16"), SET 2: Konig BriteLites (15") ,

  • Tyres:

    SET 1: Yokohama Avid H4s, SET 2: Falken Ziex 512s

  • Interior:

    -blue instrument cluster lighting
    -LED Dome Light
    -Racing pedals (removed)
    -glossy black vinyl interior
    -TRD plate frames, seat-belt cushions, badge on trunk and grill
    -Bosch rally horn

  • Exterior:

    -aftermarket fog-lights
    -BMW M3 lip spoiler
    -tint (35% side windows, 20% rear)
    -Blackout headlight housing with Silverstar Ultra low-beams
    -Redout tails (Altezzas were removed)
    -aluminum mesh in grill, lower air dam, fog-light holes
    -"S" badge, shaved trunk
    -caliper paint, engine cover paint
    -Roof visor
    -LED blue underglow [removed]
    -Audi-style headlight LEDs [removed]

  • ICE (audio) & Security:

    -JVC head unit
    -Pioneer 6.5" speakers (front door, rear deck)
    -Prestige remote start alarm system

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