Luxgen 5 2012 Picture 1

Hi-tech Luxgen5 executive saloon unveiled

Luxgen 5 2012

Taiwanese car manufacturer Luxgen is set to market their first executive saloon, the Luxgen5, which will preview next year.


  • Model: 5
  • Year: 2012
  • Other info: The Taiwanese car manufacturer’s first medium-sized saloon will be powered with the choice of two VVT turbocharged engines: a 170 HP 2.0L and 150 HP 1.8L. Both engines are mated to automatic transmissions, the 2.0L using a 6-speed gearbox.

    Designed with a global focus in mind, the Luxgen5’s chassis got input from US engineering company Altair and the car has undergone testing on a mixture of European and UK roads, including suspension testing at MIRA research centre. This suggests it might go on sale in Britain, although no confirmation has yet been made.

    Luxgen has worked with smartphone manufacturer HTC in developing an assortment of electronic aids to help the driver. These include a LDWS+ lane departure warning system and Active Eagle View’ 360 surround imaging system, which helps reduce blind spots while maneuvering. HTC collaboration means Luxgen has been able to incorporate Android technology into the car’s systems. The Luxgen5’s THINK+ multimedia interface allows full mobile phone functionality to be controlled directly through the 9" smart touch screen on the central console.

    The high-tech roll call continues with a head-up display (HUD), which rises up from the dashboard, and allows drivers to monitor speed and other car functions, without taking their eyes of the road.
    Along with the usual array of safety kit including airbags, traction and stability control, the Luxgen5 also comes equipped with a Slope Start assist function that disengages the parking brake when the accelerator is depressed, preventing the car from rolling backwards.

    The Luxgen5 will be unveiled at the Taipei Auto show in April 2012.