Umberto Palermo Design Vittoria Concept 2012 Picture 1

Sofia, Vittoria, We Can’t Keep Up: Besotted Italian Pens UP Design Vittoria Concept

Umberto Palermo Design Vittoria Concept 2012

He used to head the I.D.E.A Institute and brought us the stunning E.R.A and Sofia concepts but now Italian, Umberto Palermo has his own studio and brings the UP Design Vittoria Concept to Qatar this week. The concept is clearly swimming in innovation with its floating stepped grille and lights that appear to be projected on to the bonnet.


  • Model: Umberto Palermo Design Vittoria Concept
  • Year: 2012
  • Other info: We love the way all the contours give way to the central bubble that is the windscreen and the two tone paintwork along the flanks. The rear`s strip of LED lighting which widens at the edges emphasises the curves over the rear arches from a three quarter angle and the stepped theme for the exhausts are pure art. A hybrid V8 engine is said to be favoured for both performance and efficiency.