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Radical Sports Cars Brings Us New Entry Level SR1 For 2013

Radical SR1 2013

For those of you who are becoming regulars at circuit racing, hillclimbs and sprint events and want a motor which is an all-rounder and also not too expensive to run, Radical are propositioning the new SR1. Priced at £29,850 you get a highly tuned trackday car with LMP styling. As with its Radical brothers, the new SR1 is powered by a Suzuki 1340cc 4-cylinder double overhead cam engine with a dry-sump oil system. The entry level model is capable of 210hp and 130lb ft at 10,500rpm and uses a six-speed sequential gearbox. Zero to 60mph happens in just 3.6 seconds and at 138 mph it tops out.


  • Model: SR1
  • Year: 2013
  • Other info: The new Radical SR1 is built around a carbon steel space-frame chassis with an integral safety cell and an aluminum front crash structure, it also has racing-specification harnesses and an integral fire extinguisher system. Conventional features like rear view mirrors, rear brake and fog lights are also handy from a safety point of view.

    Given its four-piece lightweight fiber-glass, it weighs just 1146lbs. You`ll note composite side pods with radiator inlet and internal ducting, composite side-skirts, a removable composite tail section with integral induction intake and ventilation grilles as well as a rear wing with end plates. For the rims there`s 13" cast aluminum types from Radical`s own collection and 240mm x 25mm, 30-vane ventilated discs front and rear.

    SR1 Spec:

    Aluminium front crash structures
    44 liter foam-filled aluminum fuel tank mounted behind the driver within the safety cell.
    Fully adjustable pedal box.
    Driver seat-belt complying wth FiA requirements.
    Four Butterfly, 41mm fuel injection system with composite ram air box
    Lightweight steel flywheel with multi-plate clutch
    Stainless steel manifold and silencer
    Chain drive system, torque-biasing limited-slip differential for seamless diff lock-up
    Fully adjustable Nik suspension system front and rear - unequal length top and bottom wishbones, fabricated uprights, forged steel centre lock hubs and interchangeable anti-roll links
    Single-adjustable, coil-over dampers
    Radical four-pot calipers front and rear
    240mm dia. × 25mm, 30-vane ventilated discs front and rear
    Radical cast aluminum wheels - 7" × 13" dia. front and 9" × 13" dia. rears.
    Dunlop bespoke slick tires.
    Four-piece lightweight fiber-glass bodywork with self-colored gel coat finish
    Composite front diffuser with removable, high-nose, low-drag front section
    Wheel arch and side pod louvres
    Rear view mirrors
    Composite side pods with radiator inlet and internal ducting
    Composite side-skirts
    Removable composite tail section with intergral induction intake and -*Rear wing with end plates
    Rear brake and fog lights
    Molded composite, high-sided, drivers and passenger seats with adjustable mounts
    Carbon-composite dashboard surround
    Radical display unit incorparating an LED analogue rev counter, gear indicator, shift light, four LCD displays of engine parameters/speed and warning lights
    Dash-mounted brake bias adjuster

    Length: 3.85m
    Height: 1.04m
    Width: 1.62m
    Min Weight: 520 kg
    Max Speed: 138mph
    0-60mph: 3.6 sec
    50-100mph:6.1 sec
    Braking G’s: 1.8
    Cornering G’s: 2.3