Modified Toyota Levin AE101 1.6 20V 1995 Picture 1

Modified Toyota Levin AE101 1.6 20V 1995

Car Pictures & Wallpapers:

Car Spec & Details:

  • Model: Levin AE101 1.6 20V
  • Color: Pink
  • Year: 1995
  • Acceleration: 7
  • BHP: 180
  • Max speed: 230
  • Engine: 4AGE 20V Black Top, Mine`s ECU, Toda Cam Pulley, TRD Valve Spring, TRD Filler Cap, Tom`s Fuel Pressure, 2.5 Fuel Pump, Aluminum Pulley, Blitz Plug Cord, Denso Platinum Plug, SARD Oil Catch Tank, Carbon Engine Cover, Tom`s Cam Pulley Cover, Tom`s Super air intake, HKS Air Intake, I.Mec Fannel, FGK Super EX 4-2-1 Exhaust Manifold, FGK Legalis R Muffler, Heat Insulation Silk, Sard Catalyzer, Koyo Aluminum Radiator, Tom`s Rsdiator Cap, Carbing Air Lead In, Blitz Radiator Hose In, Samco Radiator Hose Out, Sard Hose, Hot InaZma Electric Reorganization, Splitfire Earth Line, Apex`i Timer
  • Transmission: 6 Gear Box, TRD Quick Shift, TRD 1.5way LSD, ORC Clutch with flywheel
  • Suspension: TRD Super Strut Suspension F10 R8, TRD Front Stabilizer, TRD Rear Stabilizer, Tom`s Upper Mount, TRD Tower Bar
  • Brakes: Tom`s Calipers F 4pot R 2pot
  • Wheels: Ray TE37 Garcia Tune Limited Edition 17"
  • Tyres: Bridgestone RE001 205/40-R17
  • Interior: AE101 Electronic Meter (Limited Edition), TRD Steering, Tom`s Carbon Shift Board, Recaro Interior set Limited Edition, Recaro SR4 Trial Limited Edition, Pivot Engine Star
  • Exterior: Dog Flight Pro Bonnet, D.Speed Hell Cat2 Bumper, Tom`s Side Spoiler, Tom`s Rear Bumper, ASR Reception Desk, Rocker Dancer Rear Wing, Ganador Mirror
  • ICE (audio) & Security: All Pioneer
  • Other info: Toyota AE101 Option:
    Wheelie Bin
    Air Refresher
    Sent System
    Rear Window Levin Light
    Rear Light Protector
    AE101 Pioneer High Pitch Horn
    Auto Light Reaction

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