Modified Honda Civic CRX VTEC 1993 Picture 1

Modified Honda Civic CRX VTEC 1993

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Car Spec & Details:

  • Model: Civic CRX VTEC
  • Color: Blue
  • Year: 1993
  • Acceleration: na
  • BHP: 180
  • Time for quarter mile: na
  • Max speed: 245
  • Suspension: air lift air bag suspension
  • Brakes: sparco front and rear
  • Wheels: gianellé 17x7 et 40
  • Tyres: toyo 205.17.40
  • Interior: blau and black leder.alu flor mats
    parts interior or paint in blau and silver.3 meters fror volt oil temp and cold water temp.blau neon in side the car.
  • Exterior: bodykit is hand made by geert guilliams.the bumpers side kurts mirrows.hood is from apc.whit bad look.rear spoiler is from me-edition.blau neon under the car.suspension is front back side to side control
  • ICE (audio) & Security: radio is from 2 and a screem from alpine.2 rock ford amplefies 2 rock ford woofers from 25 cm.4 focal boxes.140 db

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