Modified Nissan Primera 144 - P11 2000 Picture 1

Modified Nissan Primera 144 – P11 2000

Car Pictures & Wallpapers:

Car Spec & Details:

  • Model: Primera 144 - P11
  • Year: 2000
  • Acceleration: NA
  • BHP: 145
  • Time for quarter mile: NA
  • Max speed: 235Km/h
  • Engine: A little bit upgraded wtih the computer on the test-bank...
    A K&N sportsfilter under the hood with direct injection of cool air for a even better acceleration ratio !!!!
  • Transmission: Standaard
  • Suspension: Intraxx Springs 6cm. infront lowered and on the backside 7cm.
  • Brakes: Standaard
  • Wheels: BOSS 18 ich wheels !!!!
  • Tyres: TOYO 215 - 35 - 18
  • Interior: A sportsteer of Raid and a shifthandle of Raid with Golf blue lights in !!!!
    Alluminium feetplates on the ground
    Sportseats of Nissan
    White km/h,Rmp...dashboard
    And more
  • Exterior: -An exhaust system of Pro-Inox 2x85mm.
    -All windows are tinted with Foliatec Metal look 30%...
    -A sunshield infront of Foliatec black 5%...
    -A alluminium-look antenna.
    Xenon lights infront (blue lights) like the new BMW and Mercedes have !!!!
    And much more...
  • ICE (audio) & Security: No ice i

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